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10 Ways to Accept You're Human

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Learning to: Value our humanity, See we screw up occasionally, Understand the need to connect, Define individuality

1. Comparing yourself isn't worth the effort: don’t allow the green eyes of jealousy and envy to take hold. Keep in mind success and happiness are subjective.

2. Everyone is unique: seriously. Your DNA and genes, thoughts and feelings, and experiences are all different. So, make your stamp on the world, it won’t look like anyone else’s.

3. Everyone needs help occasionally: we all need support. This is part of being human. We may believe that not asking for help shows strength, but the more emotionally mature person will show vulnerability and acceptance.

4. Life always has its challenges: all kinds of events can interrupt our calm, stay mindful.

5. Nobody's body's perfect: don't continue to find fault in your appearance. Your body is an essential part of what is giving you life!

6. Not everyone is watching you: this is not the 80's. Fun fact, other people are more likely to be busy thinking about themselves.

7. The "perfect human" doesn't exist: everyone has good points and bad points. Make a list of areas in which you want to change or develop about yourself.

8. We're all fallible: we all make mistakes. No sense in fighting the inevitable.

9. You never achieve complete approval: approximately 2% of the population is just not going to like you. Choose your 98%.

10. You need to belong, just like everyone else: humans are social. Get your community together and feel connected.


Asking for help is the first step. Let's give it a go ... shall we?


Mackenzie Childs | MSc

Former educator, realist, and wine enthusiast, Mackenzie comes from a diverse background of behavioral intervention, teaching, and business development strategies. As part of a project within the Klein Independent School District to launch a new behavioral program on several campuses, she found her niche in wanting to help others grow their strengths within their career.

Drawing from experience in several industries, Mackenzie brings thoughtful, visionary, and practical coaching within developing organizations. When the stakes are high for a new or veteran executive, a troubled team needs intervention, or transition needs to take place, she can provide planning for the future while simultaneously improving day-to-day function. Her sensitive insight with tough issues defuses tensions and catalyzes collaboration.

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