Gen Z in a Hybrid Workplace

The Beginning of Hybrid Workplaces

Hello everyone! When people hear the generation of Gen Z they always tend to roll their eyes and think social media, new TikTok trends, and the most fashionable/ “kickin” generation of the world. Did you know they are the leaders to hybrid workplaces?

Interpersonal Communications and Connections

A study was taken over Gen Z in the workplace, and found they like to have interpersonal

communications, deep relationships, and wanting to work more in-person. This generation likes to hear

the ideas of others and be in the action within the office. Gen Z feels that their education hasn’t given them the “real life” experience, so they are turning to work environments that provide mentoring and learning professional development. Therefore, they can build interpersonal communication and relationships with their co-workers.

Flexible Work Environments

Not only does Gen Z like the interpersonal communication, but they love flexible work environments.

This generation prefers specific assignments at their desk, but open spaces for collaborative projects.

As a matter of fact! Some companies began to integrate outdoor environments to enhance flexibility and

choices for employees. Gen Z just can’t stay in one place for very long!