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Team and Organizational Coaching

Professional Instruction & Intuition (subject to additional pricing)

  • 1 h
  • Starting at $ 2250
  • In Person & Virtual

Service Description

Working directly with business owners and/or leadership, Blink Coaching creates space to leverage an exceptional team by offering a series of avenues to improve the transition into a hybrid workforce. Using her Blink Process, she employs a data-driven system to identify current and future issues with a novice and/or experienced team, pertaining to communication, stress-management, and emotional intelligence. Once aligned, the end result will provide the right team chemistry with shared goals, values, and high culture engagement The first session – a Deep Dive – is the first stop in actual change. We will dive into what may be holding you back, what thoughts need to change, and what goals you have to reach. Each subsequent session after the Deep Dive will be an hour long, focusing on the present as a way to change the future. We will administer an Assessment for each team member. Here is the list of Assessments offered: 1. Personality Assessment 2. Emotional Quotient Assessment 3. Motivation Assessment 4. Leadership Quality Assessment 5. Or all of the above! These sessions are led by each team member, focusing on the most challenging issues for them. "Leaders see the future as a picture puzzle and figure out how all of the pieces fit together." Together, we will work through the hiring/interview process, succession planning, valuati0on of people within the company, and assisting with merging and acquisitions. If this is something you would like for your team, book now! The pricing shown is for a team of five (5).

Cancellation Policy

24 Hour Notice Required.

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