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Why I Do What I Do

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

When asked, why I do what I do - I was stunned for a second. I don't think anyone is really 100% prepared for that answer on the spot, especially since this is only my sixth year as an entrepreneur. I also struggled with this because there is the "save face" appropriate answer (where it's too personal to share) and then there is the real-life reason. And, let me tell you - it's not for the faint of heart.

So, here goes!

Imagine a hot summer day (which is probably not too hard right now, because it is indeed - summer). You're teaching a small child how to swim in the pool you've been swimming in since you were little. The parent says "wow, you are so patient. You really have an aptitude for teaching." As a 15-year-old, these words bounce off of you like rubber because:

1. in my mind, I am only doing this for the money

2. your child is really not that hard to manage

3. I'm really good at swimming so, ok?

Fast forward to adulthood when you're asked the question, "what do you want to do?" Well, teaching was a viable option, but I wanted more. So, what did I do? I became a Special Education Teacher. Shocked? Me too. BUT this experience showed me the deeper inner workings of human behavior, a field of study I soon became fascinated by. I worked with kiddos that were diagnosed with Autism, Major Depressive Disorder, early Schizophrenia, and those that were seen as Emotionally Disturbed. This was no cake walk, these kids needed a compassionate, tough-loving, behaviorally skilled, teacher to guide them on the way to success. In which, I tried my absolute best - and loved each and every one of my students. You see, elementary kids don't have all the layers that adults do. They show up authentically themselves and have ZERO shame. It isn't until middle school that these kids start to layer themselves with protection against the outside world. This elementary type of human behavior is stripped down, into only four categories - to be exact.

It was only after a few concussions, multiple stab wounds, and many trips to the worker's compensation doctor (they quickly learned my name), that I decided this was not going to be a long-term path. I decided to start my Masters Degree at this time, emphasizing Applied Psychology in the Workplace. I eventually left the school setting to finish out the rest of my degree in the nonprofit world - but always grateful for the lessons my kiddos taught me about behavior and humans in general. For me, the secret was that there was never a time that I couldn't relate to them. For those of you that don't know, I didn't come from an entrepreneurial household. Only one of my parents graduated from a 4-year university and she was the sole breadwinner of the family. Though she was a teacher herself, you can imagine we didn't live a lavish life. My other parent, chose a very different lifestyle. One that would put myself and my sibling in hard situations, to the extent that sometimes when I met someone, I would ask myself "are they going to help me or hurt me?" Now, for some - this is where their story stops. But, mine kept on. I pulled myself from these seemingly bottomless depths and created a whole new life for myself. Forever using my knowledge of people from my education and my experiences to guide my pathway. Circling back to the question of "why I do what I do," I guess you could say it is wanting to educate people on their own behaviors combined with my innate skills to read people, and then using these concepts to propel my clients into better relationships with others through their work. I want to make sure that my clients don't have to struggle with building a team because they didn't realize that the person in front of them was lying about their personality in the interview.

I want my clients to feel confident that the people in the room are the right people for them, their business, and the success of the organization. This leads to lower stress levels and time spent on more important things, like landing big deals - and who doesn't want that?

I want my clients to find value in investing the time and money in Blink to help find the right people the first time, work to help modify the behavior of the people they already have, and/or reorganize/replace an existing personnel structure. I have always believed that an organization is only as strong as the legs it stands on, so cultivating good talent from the bottom up is where it's at!


Mackenzie Childs | MSc

Former educator, realist, and wine enthusiast, Mackenzie comes from a diverse background of behavioral intervention, teaching, and business development strategies. As part of a project within the Klein Independent School District to launch a new behavioral program on several campuses, she found her niche in wanting to help others grow their strengths within their career.

Drawing from experience in several industries, Mackenzie brings thoughtful, visionary, and practical coaching within developing organizations. When the stakes are high for a new or veteran executive, a troubled team needs intervention, or transition needs to take place, she can provide planning for the future while simultaneously improving day-to-day function. Her sensitive insight with tough issues defuses tensions and catalyzes collaboration.

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